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Vivek is an author and independent filmmaker. His films have won awards in Hollywood and Vancouver, and have been screened in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, West Chester, North Carolina, London, and Budapest. He has written, directed, and produced several documentaries, television series, and TV films for the Ministry of I&B, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of HRD and the Ministry of External Affairs. His work has been showcased at Indian consulates, film festivals, TV channels, and the educational circuit around the world.

Vivek has worked on various subjects such as the Kashmir conflict, the Indian Army, Indian Military Bands, The Beating Retreat, North-East India, Indian Scriptures, Spiritualism, Philosophy, Literature, Indian Classical and Folk Music, Indian Architecture, and so on.


The inspiration for his debut novel A Tale of War came from his experiences as a filmmaker in Kashmir on assignment for the Ministry of Home Affairs in 1999 and 2005, working with the Indian Army and making more than 50 documentaries and tele-films covering the insurgency and terrorism that has gripped the state. Further, making films for various ministries gave him an insight into the working of the entire government machinery and bureaucracy.

Apart from writing and film-making, Vivek is a prolific speaker specializing in the India-Pakistan  conflict, the Kashmir issue, and Indian spiritualism and philosophy.  He is based in Mumbai. 

A Tale of War


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December 2008.

New Delhi, India.


The country is on the brink of war, reeling from the devastating attacks unleashed on Mumbai by the enemies of India.


Aditi Mehra, a young and popular news anchor, is assigned to an Indian Army unit in Kashmir, mere days after 26/11. Once a paradise on earth, Kashmir has been invaded by a terrorist machinery that threatens to devour it whole, and the Indian Army is the first and last line of defense. Leading the war on terror is Major Daksh, a dynamic and courageous officer, determined to protect his motherland.

Thrust into the heat of battle, Aditi finds herself entangled in a deep-rooted conspiracy, a dance of death orchestrated by powerful and sinister forces. A dark shadow threatens her very existence,  a terrorist  driven by hate and blood-lust-Shahbaz Jamali, a killing machine hell-bent on his mission- the annihilation of infidels and the capture of Kashmir.


From the power corridors of New Delhi to the raging battlefields in Kashmir, A Tale of War is a story of deceit, destruction, and bloodshed, and an idealistic journalist catapulted into the middle of it all.


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A Tale of War

Very impressive! As a teacher of history and politics, I am versed in the complexities of the body politic in Kashmir. As a fan of this genre, this is one of the best politics/conspiracy/military stories in recent months. 

Verma spins a tale that allows him to combine his own life experience with local history, geography, sociology, and politics. The result is a gripping story that is subtly educational while it entertains.


Vivek has used his personal experiences and research quite effectively to weave a story of heroic characters, sacrifices, a terrifying villain, and politics which keeps you engrossed till the very end.

James Davidson 

Kerry O' Hallaron 

Chris Sol 





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Vivek is often seen on TV news channel debates. His areas of expertise are India-Pakistan relations, the Kashmir conflict, and spiritualism. 


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